Is Our Vacation Lodging Business Going to Make It?

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We’ve been up and running with the new business for about 2 months now. It has been an experience to finally show off all the pieces that came together so nicely. I wasn’t often sure it would happen.


Currently, I’m sitting along a river, camping with my cousin, who abandoned her high powered job with the DA to take on the RV life. Her newfound enthusiasm for life is infectious and I’ve decided to join her for a few days, which just so happens to coincide with our biggest reservation so far. 


The Guy is holding down the fort as if he doesn’t do enough for the place already. To be fair,

our 3 doodle troublemakers have been digging holes for the past week in the grass he spent 2 years perfecting. 


So really, he is finding ways to enjoy his working vacation of uninterrupted sleep without our little heathens ripping up his hard work and waking him up at 4 in the morning to play. 


I’m a heavy sleeper so no matter how much they’re playing, I just don’t wake up. So it defaults to his jumpy, post-deployment brain, poor guy.


Anyway, back to the doodles. They are used to being off leash and running rampant through their own personal park so being in this smaller boundary of RV camping, and the little RV itself, is new to them. It’s like they went from living the best country life of wide open spaces to staying in a NYC apartment. 


We’re adjusting quickly in these luxury cramped quarters.


Outside of Brookings at the Redwood Bar on the Chetco River, I have a different view than the one at Siltcoos Station. We’re camping on a lot of medium sized rocks right next to a slow moving, clear river so I’m spoiled - almost rotten. 


I heard through the grapevine (AKA my cousin relaying the news to me) that the rest of the country is going through a heatwave so I’m surprised my latest promo ($68 off representing Florence’s average temperature with discount code ‘STAY COOL’) has not attracted a single person. 


I hate being in hot weather where you stay a consistent low-grade moist at all times. So I thought it was a good one, but I’m not always right (don’t tell anyone). 


So let’s try this one - blog special discount only for the people who take the time to read me, because I so appreciate that instead of thinking I’m throwing out words into the void: 


$99 weekday special (Sunday through Thursday), no minimum or maximum amount of nights. Just email with your dates and I’ll send you the booking. 


And Voila! Come out and enjoy some lake time, whether that means day drinking on the pontoon because you’ve gotta live your best life (with a DD of course), sitting next to the zen of a fire, catching a sunset on the pier or all of the above. 


We put out 8 adirondack chairs overlooking the lake views, put out better signage so all our special spots (like the garden and the pier) are more inviting, and tried to make sure the coffee in the antique can was getting found (YES! You’re supposed to touch all the stuff!). 


Working for ourselves has given us the chance to make all our own decisions - even the ones that don’t really work. 


I do have to be honest though. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. Maybe it’s this camping trip. Maybe it’s finally feeling like a true business owner. So no matter what is or isn’t working, I’m feeling pretty good about it. 


Come enjoy the process!