Siltcoos Station's Pet-friendly Pets

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For as long as I can remember, the sight of a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle (all of the doodles really) brought me great joy. That probably explains why I now own 3 of them. 


“Yeah, that’s a little excessive,” a friend tells me.


It probably also explains why I have over 200 house plants. Or why I’ve worn the same brand, style and color of flip flops for the last 18 years. Or why I get unhappy if my sandwich isn’t drowning in mustard. Excessive doesn’t cover the half of it. 


At Siltcoos Station, there are 3 resident doodles and 1 cat. They're all friendly and will greet you every time if given the chance.


We got our first dog in 2020 during the pandemic. During a scorching hot August day, we drove down to Medford to meet the breeder and sat with 1 golden puppy and 2 black puppies. One of them was very attentive to what I was doing. As she sat on my lap, she chewed at one of the buttons on my shirt. I gave her nose a tap and she tried to gnaw at the button once more. I tapped her again and she stopped. 


“I’ll take this one,” I said as I held her up. 


4 weeks later, we drove back to Medford and knocked on the breeder’s door. Out came running a newly bathed puppy – ready for her new home. 



We named her Bobby Bean. And true to her given name, she is a wild, sweet and friendly country girl who grew into a lovely standard labradoodle.



Bean is the ambassador of Siltcoos Station and embodies the spirit of welcoming others into her home. Her motto is ‘Friend or Best Friend?’


When Bean was 3 years old, we bred her with a miniature goldendoodle and she gifted us with a litter of 10 doodle babies. We kept two and their names are Garbanzo and Sprout. 


Garbanzo is our blondie who was the last to be born and the biggest pup of the litter. Often she would push the others out of the way and latch onto the fullest teat. To this day, she loves food the most and will do anything for it. 


Sprout is the smallest from her litter and the shyest of the bunch. She prefers praise over treats and you'll see her trot happily all over the property carrying her stuffies. She doesn't often smile, earning her the nickname 'Serious Sprout' but she has the happiest wag out of everyone!


Together, they form a doodle pack that bounds around and plays all day, spreading their joy and happiness like it’s indispensable.



And last but not least, the big brother who has seniority over all the girls is Nubbins, our gray polydactyl Manx cat. He’s savvy to friendly dogs and hides from canines who will chase him down.


Wily and independent, he’s a skilled hunter that loves to show off when he thinks you might be watching.




So there you have it! The animals that roam the property at Siltcoos Station. If you decide to bring your animals with you, please keep in mind that there are wild animals in the area including bears and cougars. For those reasons, always keep your animals leashed and supervised.


At Siltcoos Station, we choose to be dog-friendly because we know you love your pets as much as we love ours. So go ahead and plan your stay for the whole family!


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